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Featured image for Alain Saint-Joanis - The Haute Couture Of Cutlery
Right now in the market, there is more variety than ever before... but with so much of everything available, finding that perfect piece has never seemed so difficult. I have...
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Featured image for Marie Daâge’s Five Golden Rules For Decorating A Table
At BONADEA we believe that dressing a table is an art form, and it’s safe to say that nobody does it quite like Marie Daâge. This hasn’t come by magic...
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Featured image for Introducing Carla Baz
One of Lebanon’s most exciting young designers talks to BONADEA about the life experiences that have shaped and inspired her work.   The small nation of Lebanon is a fascinating land...
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Featured image for Six stunning additions to your Christmas table
The dinner table is the highpoint of the festive period – as weeks of parties and outings come to an end, the entire family comes together to sit and enjoy...
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Featured image for Add a touch of timeless glamour to Christmas
Gold is a timeless classic. It’s appreciated, admired, and even coveted year round, but is never more prominent and beautifully relevant than at Christmas time. This is hardly surprising, considering...
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