Six stunning additions to your Christmas table

The dinner table is the highpoint of the festive period – as weeks of parties and outings come to an end, the entire family comes together to sit and enjoy the last, most celebrated meal of the season. For many families and friends, this meal has become a ritual, a yearly moment to come together, after gifts have been exchanged and crackers have been pulled, to truly appreciate the joy of the festive period. It’s a meal that has been celebrated and loved for centuries, and there’s no wonder that the dinner table has become a place associated with love, warmth and tradition throughout the world.


Christmas dinner itself is always a magnificent affair, with a roast goose or turkey cooked for hours before the meal begins, and a pudding prepared months in advance. And here at BONADEA, we believe that such well-prepared and much-loved food deserves a flawless Christmas table setting to make sure it tastes its best. From the plates to the serving spoons, placemats to wine glasses, we’ve pulled together the ultimate Christmas table edit on our website and picked a couple of our favourite items below.


The perfect place mat 

  ‘Tis the season

The key to a beautiful Christmas table is not always in the immediately obvious pieces of tableware, but in the smaller, intricate details and objects paired alongside them. This salt and pepper set won’t grab your guests’ attention straight away, but they’re sure to hold it when they do.


  Make it personal


Give your diners the VIP treatment with these unique place card holders. Guests will love the extra thought put into each place setting, as well as revelling in the uniqueness of the unusual pinecone design.


The perfect place mat 

  The perfect placemat

The bold trim on this set of placemats is the ultimate addition to a classic porcelain dining set or crisp table cloth. The colour is stylish and rich, without becoming overbearing, making these tablecloths a worthy investment for dinner parties to come.


  Served with love

Served with love 

Food that looks stunning will always taste better, so give sides and starters an extra boost by pairing them with a charming serving set. Statement pieces such as these go perfectly with simple, elegant cutlery, making this a great investment piece to use alongside your classic flatware.


Centre of attention 

  Centre of attention

Draw your guests’ eyes to this stunning snow white candelabra, the height of which will add dramatic focus to the table, but with a narrow base that won’t take up precious space for the food dishes.


  Mistletoe and wine glasses


It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without sharing the special bottle of wine you’ve been saving all year with your nearest and dearest. Pour it into the glass it deserves, these beautifully crafted crystal wine glasses.



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