Marie Daâge’s Five Golden Rules For Decorating A Table

At BONADEA we believe that dressing a table is an art form, and it’s safe to say that nobody does it quite like Marie Daâge. This hasn’t come by magic – it’s come from a passion for art, dining and Limoges porcelain passed down through her father’s family for three generations, alongside a mother taking pride in decorating the family table with a unique Franco-Austrian style not seen elsewhere in Martinique, where the family lived during Marie’s childhood. For the past 25 years, Marie has taken these traditions, her love of tableware and a colourful creativity influenced by what she sees happening around her, and turned them into a thriving business with clients across the globe and a potential flagship store opening in Paris. We spoke to Marie to get her unique views on decorating a table with style, elegance and surprise – here are her five golden rules.


1. The Rule Of Three


“Always mix it up” says Marie. “The key is not to make all of your tableware the same – you should be experimenting with different colours and patterns to create a more interesting combination for your guests.” But not using too few or too many colours is important, and Marie tells us about her rule of three. “Always use three colours, never two. Two is boring. Three is a surprise.”


Marie Daâge Horizon Dinner Plates At BONADEA


2. Expect The Unexpected


Marie doesn’t believe in calling a spade a spade, when a spade can be so much more than that. “Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your tableware. Use a tea cup for your soup course, a goblet for water or a bowl for your table decorations. The dinner table is a place to be creative, and guests will love the originality behind your meal when you’re constantly surprising them.”


3. Use A Long Runner As A Centrepiece


“Every table should have a beautiful centrepiece, but I love a chemin de table even more” says Marie. Why? “Because a table runner gives the opportunity to draw attention to more than one item in the centre of the table. Instead of one large piece in the middle, I love to have a few different items along the length of the table, and much like using your crockery in unique ways for serving food, this is your opportunity to create art with a tea cup! The advantage of a table runner is everybody can have something to discover during the meal.”



Marie Daâge Belle De Nuit At BONADEA


4. Candlelight Is Key


“Never, never, never have too harsh lighting!” exclaims Marie. “Candlelight is perfect. It adds a softer, friendly ambience to your meal. It’s more peaceful, magical even, and makes the meal more special.”


5. Passion Makes The Table


Throughout our discussion, Marie’s passion for dining, hosting and creating beautiful porcelain pieces is clear, and it’s this last tip that drives the message home. “Chefs do an amazing job of communicating about their food, and it’s time we really started to do the same, making an event out of the entire dining experience. People should be enjoying and investing in their tableware, surrounding themselves with things that they love, and the kitchen or dining room is no exception to that. The key to dressing the table well is approaching it with passion and love, using what makes you feel good.”



Marie Daâge Kaleidoscope Collection At BONADEA


Marie Daâge At BONADEA


The perfect way to follow Marie’s tips for creating an exquisite dining setting is by starting with tableware you love and cherish, and the Marie Daâge collection is just that. The patterns you’ll find in her work are all uniquely designed and painted by hand, and Marie adds just one single carefully crafted colour to her range every year, taking inspiration from the world around her to create the exact hue she’s been thinking about for the past 12 months. This mindfully-curated collection of patterns and colours will add a touch of glamour and style to your table, and is available to buy on BONADEA here


Marie Daâge Iris Tableware At BONADEA