Collection: Belvedere

By Augarten Wien 1718

First designed in 1735, the Belvedere collection from Augarten Wien 1718 exhibits the generations of unparalleled craftsmanship synonymous with the renowned Viennese house.

A timeless style perfect for any occasion, the pure white handcrafted porcelain is detailed with a gentle scalloped rim, and meticulously finished with a luxurious 24-carat gold band around the edge. The unique shape of this tableware collection is sure to make a refined statement, while remaining authentic in its quest for elegant Austrian classicism.

13 Products

  • Belvedere Bread Plate
  • Belvedere Weever Bread Plate
  • Belvedere Dessert Plate
  • Belvedere Weever Dessert Plate
  • Belvedere Soup Plate
  • Belvedere Weever Soup Plate
  • Belvedere Dinner Plate
  • Belvedere Weever Dinner Plate
  • Belvedere Soft Pink Rim Dinner Plate
  • Belvedere Soft Pink Rim Dessert Plate
  • Pine Branches Dinner Plate
  • Pine Branches Dessert Plate
  • Pine Branches Dessert Plate