Add a touch of timeless glamour to Christmas

Gold is a timeless classic. It’s appreciated, admired, and even coveted year round, but is never more prominent and beautifully relevant than at Christmas time. This is hardly surprising, considering the biblical tale of the magi bearing gifts for the new born king, bringing gold as their most valuable offering. The symbolism with this is clear; gold is not only a colour of respect and royalty, but a colour of warmth, love and giving.


As something that has been immersed in rich symbolism for so long, the key to using gold well is knowing where the right balance lies. Elegant, luxurious hues and textures stay timeless when used in the correct proportions and context, but too much, or in the wrong place, and you risk denying an incredible object its full worth or beauty.

This is why we’ve curated a unique edit of exactly what we believe is the perfect kind of gold, ideal for gifting to loved ones with thought and care, or for furnishing your own home with that special something during the festive season.


This wish list, hand curated with care by BONADEA founder Gemma, is the epitome of Christmas glamour, but with pieces that will stand the test of time, complimenting a range of colour schemes and seasons throughout the year. Entertaining at home has never looked so good!



  A sip of gold

At BONADEA, we believe there’s nothing finer than a glass of something sparkling on Christmas morning. This champagne goblet perfectly compliments a festive champagne breakfast, and breaking the norm of traditional champagne glass shapes adds that individual touch on a truly special day.


  The new wreath


The bold silhouette of this Christmas piece brings a unique perspective to the traditional wreath. Making an impressive statement, guests and visitors won’t fail to be blown away by the individuality of this decoration.




An exquisitely scented candle is without a doubt the secret weapon in any seasoned party host’s armour. A unique scent will transport guests to another place, and this champagne scented candle is no exception, bringing a beautiful sense of indulgence and glamour to any room.


  Classic Elegance


Give the most indulgent meal of the year the accessories it deserves with this elegant Perlée Gold charger plate. Christmas dinner is a time for the whole family to come together, so make sure you do it in style this December.



  Sleek snacking style

The traditional Christmas nut cracker meets its match with this sleek bowl, perfectly designed for canapés and snacks throughout the festive season. Beautiful as well as functional, this is the very definition of a well thought out gift for loved ones.


  Lord of the rings


The beauty of entertaining at home is being able to surprise and delight your guests with the small, thoughtful pieces adorning your table. These intricate napkin rings will add a dash of elegant detail to any festive dinner party or Christmas dinner.



  A setting for poinsettias

At BONADEA, we always say that the perfect gift for somebody you love is one you wish you’d bought for yourself! This beautifully detailed vase is exactly that, making a striking addition to any mantelpiece.


  Centre of attention


A Christmas party isn’t complete without a beautifully laid table filled with snacks, canapés and a bottle or two of champagne. Give your guests an added bonus with this playful centrepiece, which blends perfectly into the Christmas aesthetic with gold trim and a snow-white base.



  From the heart

If you’re looking for a gift that’s completely unique, look no further than this exquisite objet d’art. Hand painted and sculpted, this unique piece is perfect to give to a bold friend or family member who likes to make a statement in their home.


  Boxing day delights


Keep the magic of Christmas going by making your boxing day meals an occasion to look forward to. Canapés, sweet treats or turkey trimmings will look and taste even better served up on this elegant platter, adding a hint of glamour to your party snacks.



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