Collection: On The Rocks

On The Rocks


Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, and a must in every gentleman's wish list, this selection of elegant whisky sets, finely crafted silver and sophisticated bar accessories is an ode to the modernism and decadence of this era.

  • Heron Whisky Decanter
  • Fenix Case with Whisky Decanter
    Vista Alegre Atlantis Crystal Fenix Whisky Decanter - BONADEA
    Out of stock
  • Bambou Small Bowl
    L'Objet Bambou Collection - BONADEA
  • Sip of Gold Champagne Goblet
    Sieger by Fürstenberg Champagne Goblet -BONADEA
  • Sip of Gold Drum Champagne Goblet
    Sieger by Fuerstenberg Champagne Goblet -BONADEA
  • Deco Noir Small Rectangular Tray
    L'Objet Deco Noir Small Rectangular Tray
  • Medusa Lumiere Pair of Whisky Tumblers
    Versace Medusa Lumiere 2 Whisky Tumblers -BONADEA
  • Naturo Black Appetizer Dish
    Lladró Naturo Black Appetizer Dish -BONADEA
  • Flapper Ice Bucket
    Vista Alegre 'Flapper' Ice Bucket -BONADEA
  • Avenue Whisky Decanter
    Vista Alegre Avenue Decanter -BONADEA
  • Avenue Ice Bucket
    Vista Alegre Avenue Ice Bucket -BONADEA
  • Avenue Highball Tumbler
    Vista Alegre Avenue  Highball Tumbler Glass -BONADEA
  • Avenue Old Fashioned Tumbler
    Vista Alegre Old Fashioned Tumbler -BONADEA
  • Tratto Silver Plated Tray
  • Malmaison Silver Plated Bottle Coaster
    Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Bottle Coaster - BONADEA
  • Antithesis Platinum Bowl
    FOS Ceramiche Antithesis Bowls -BONADEA
  • Medusa Lumiere Pair of Highball Tumblers
    Versace Medusa Lumiere Highball Tumblers -BONADEA
  • Velvet Silver Plated Wine Cooler
  • Bibliothèque Scented Candle
    L'Objet Bibliothèque Pink Champagne Scented Candle
  • Crocodile Set of 4 Coasters
    L'Objet Coasters -BONADEA
  • Medusa Lumiere Coaster
    Versace Medusa Lumiere Coaster -BONADEA
  • Jardin d'Eden Whisky Decanter
    Christofle Jardin D'Eden Whisky Decanter -BONADEA
  • Jet Black Small Vase
    Vista Alegre - Jet Black Glass Vase Small with Luxury Gift Case
  • Jet Black Large Vase