Collection: Moonshadow

By Jaune de Chrome

Boasting timeless allure, the exquisite pattern of the Moonshadow tableware collection from Jaune de Chrome introduces dreamlike detail to minimal, black porcelain.
Expertly handcrafted in France, intricate floral and botanical designs are embedded into fine Limoges porcelain during a unique high-temperature enamelling process. The subtle texture and depth of the floral motifs gives a dreamlike and fantastical quality to this dinner collection, capturing Jaune de Chrome’s signature sense of luxury and elegance.

The Moonshadow plates and teaware pieces can be used to bring opulent detail to the Jungle Black and Jungle Metal collections also from Jaune de Chrome.
8 Products

  • Moonshadow Black Bread Plate
  • Jungle Black Bread Plate
  • Moonshadow Dessert Plate
  • Jungle Black Dessert Plate
  • Moonshadow Dinner Plate
  • Jungle Black Dinner Plate
  • Moonshadow Black Charger Plate
  • Jungle Black Charger Plate