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Visionary fine jeweller Silvia Furmanovich is known for her use of vibrant colour and unusual materials, including shells, woven bamboo and wood marquetry.

Furmanovich’s bold designs combine her meticulous attention to detail with her passion for innovative craftsmanship, the natural world and ancient cultures. Her home accessories collections are informed by her travels and her unique perspective on the places she encounters, from Egypt to Japan. 

Employing found artefacts from the rainforest, traditional techniques and materials both humble and precious – including beautiful coloured gemstones from Brazil, her home country – the designer creates artistic pieces that are both timeless and one-of-a-kind. 

Furmanovich was born in São Paulo to a line of Italian goldsmiths. Her great-grandfather created sacred adornments for the Vatican and her father worked as a goldsmith. “He taught me the importance of craftsmanship," she says. "I learned to pay attention to every detail." 

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  • Blue Geometric Marquetry Frame
  • Borboleta Marquetry Jewellery Box
  • Celestial Marquetry Vide Poche
  • Abacaxi Marquetry Jewellery Box
  • Plum Geometric Marquetry Frame
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