Collection: Ruban

By Marie Daâge
Featuring a ribbon of exquisite detail and rich depth of colour, each piece in the Ruban tableware collection from Marie Daâge will make a prized addition to any occasion. Expertly crafted from the finest Limoges porcelain and hand-painted in Marie Daâge's contemporary French-inspired style, the Ruban dinnerware mixes and matches pigment rich hues that elegantly complement each other. Complete with a 24 karat gold band, this indulgent collection will bring a sense of occasion to your dinner party.
4 Products

  • Ruban Dessert Plate
    Marie Daâge Ruban Dessert Plate - BONADEA
  • Ruban Dinner Plate
    Marie Daâge - Ruban Place Setting - BONADEA
  • Trame Cyprés Goblet Olive
    Marie Daâge Trame Cyprés Green & Gold Goblet - BONADEA
  • Trame Goblet Midnight
    Marie Daâge Trame Black & Gold Goblet - BONADEA