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By Christofle

Over 250 years of silversmith expertise underlie this contemporary design by Christofle. With 24 beautifully hand-crafted pieces of cutlery nestled inside a case reminiscent of a Fabergè egg plated in precious metals and lined in rosewood.  The outer shape of Christofle's MOOD echoes the sleek lines of the cutlery in a nod to sleek Modernist style. 

Founded in 1830, Christofle is one of Europe’s finest silverware houses. Almost two centuries of award-winning artisan experience is paired with daring contemporary design in collections and collaborations that represent the finest in hand-crafted and finished silver and glassware.

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  • MOOD 24-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
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  • MOOD 24-Piece Rose Gold Cutlery Set
  • MOOD 6-Piece Silver Plated Espresso Spoons Set
  • MOOD 6-Piece Rose Gold Espresso Spoons Set