Collection: Malmaison

By Christofle
Elegant Napoleonic grandeur is evoked through delicate design details in the classic Christofle Malmaison tabletop collection.  Empire motifs of palm frond and lotus leaves are given a contemporary update in fine silver plating. Drawing on over 200 years at the forefront of the silversmith industry, Christofle’s iconic Malmaison design is perfectly executed, a historic pattern that exudes timeless elegance.

Founded in 1830, Chirstofle is one of Europe’s finest silverware houses. Almost two centuries of award-winning artisan experience is paired with daring contemporary design in collections and collaborations that represent the finest in hand-crafted and finished silver and glassware.
9 Products

  • Malmaison Footed Bowl
    Christofle Malmaison Silver-plated bowl - BONADEA
  • Malmaison Silver Plated Bottle Coaster
    Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Bottle Coaster - BONADEA
  • Malmaison 36-Piece Silver Plate Cutlery Set
    Christofle Malmaison Flatware -BONADEA
  • Malmaison Wine Decanter
    Christofle Malmaison Crystal Wine Decanter - BONADEA
    Out of stock
  • Malmaison Pitcher
    Christofle Malmaison Crystal Water Pitcher -BONADEA
    Out of stock
  • Malmaison Silver Plated Butter Dish
    Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Bottle Coaster - BONADEA
  • Malmaison 4-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
    Christofle Malmaison 4 Piece Cutlery Set -BONADEA
  • Malmaison 4-Piece Gold Gild Cutlery Set
  • Malmaison Set of 4 Silver Plated Spreaders
    Christofle Malmaison - Set of 4 Silver-plated Butter Spreaders