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Juan, José and Vicente Lladró are the founding fathers of modern porcelain. Central to the industry’s illustrious history, they revolutionised production when, in 1953, they set up their factory in the small Spanish town of Almàcera, near Valencia.

Since then, the brand has been synonymous with an inventive and daring approach to traditional porcelain craft, from the experimental furnaces set up by the brothers, to present-day collaborations with designers such as Jaime Hayon, the enfant terrible of Spanish design.

Lladró is one of the most respected names in the porcelain world, recognised for its attention to hand-crafted detail alongside an instantly identifiable aesthetic.

19 Products

  • Naturo White Appetizer Plate
    Lladró Naturo White Dish -BONADEA
  • Naturo White Goblet
    Lladró - Naturo White Porcelain Goblet - BONADEA
  • Organica Candle Holder
    Lladró - Porcelain Organica Candle Holder - BONADEA
  • Naturo Black Appetizer Dish
    Lladró Naturo Black Appetizer Dish -BONADEA
  • Renaissance Lithophane Votivelight
    Lladró Porcelain Votive Light - BONADEA
  • Lace Lithophane Votivelight
    Lladró - Porcelain Lace Lithophane White - BONADEA
  • Parrots Lithophane Votivelight
    Lladró Porcelain Parrot Votive Light - BONADEA
  • Toucans Lithophane Votivelight
    Lladró Porcelain Touchas Votive Light - BONADEA
  • Canvas White Flower Vase
    Bodo Sperlein for Lladró Canvas White Flower Porcelain Vase
  • Canvas White Flowers Tapestry Vase
    Lladró - Canvas White Flower Tapestry Porcelain Vase
  • Naturo Single Candle Holder
    Lladró - Naturo White Porcelain Candle Holder - BONADEA
  • Naturo White & Gold Centerpiece
    Lladró - Naturo White & Gold Porcelain Centrepiece- BONADEA
  • Naturo White Centerpiece
    Lladró - Naturo White Porcelain Centrepiece - BONADEA
  • Curiosity Monkey on Turquoise Rock
    Lladró - Porcelain Monkey Figurine Turquoise - BONADEA
  • Cactus Gold
    Lladró - Jaime Hayon Porcelain Cactus Gold - BONADEA
    £455.00 £395.00
  • Naturo White & Gold Large Vase
    Lladró Handmade Porcelain - Naturo White & Gold Large Vase
  • Monkey Tall Vase
    Lladró Handmade Porcelain - Monkeys Tall Vase
  • The Lover II
    Lladró - Jaime Hayon The Lover II - BONADEA
  • Parrot Treasure Jar
    Lladró - Parrot Decorative Porcelain Jar - BONADEA