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A contemporary classic, recipient of the Gold Design Award, Hering Berlin produces exquisite tableware with timeless appeal and outstanding aesthetics. 

In 1992, the brand was established in Berlin by ceramic expert Stefanie Hering with the aim of combining ancient artisanal craftsmanship and modern, usable designs suited to the lifestyle and needs of a 21st Century audience.

Fuelled by creativity after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Stefanie Hering was inspired to start a quiet revolution in the tableware culture. By pushing fine porcelain to the limits of technical possibility, Hering Berlin creates distinctive tabletop decors and flexible collections that have been given pride of place by renowned gourmet chefs and hotels all over the world.

Hering Berlin's modern understanding of exquisite tableware and unending creativity are reflected in the fine porcelain creations that beautifully marry delicate bisque with glaze in captivating shapes. Entirely handcrafted in Germany, Hering Berlin dinnerware and glassware products can be effortlessly mixed and matched across collections to create ever-changing table settings. 

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  • Domain Water Glass Smoke
  • Domain Champagne Glass
  • Domain White Wine Glass
  • Domain Red Wine Glass
  • Domain Carafe
  • Domain Small Carafe