Collection: Herend

Herend has been creating unique, hand-made and hand-painted pieces of luxury porcelain with unsurpassed craftsmanship and artistry for nearly 200 years.

The Herend manufactory, at the foot of Hungary’s Bakony Hills, was founded in 1826 by Vince Stingl. From 1839 under the direction of Mór Fischer de Farkasházy, Herend produced dinnerware replacement pieces for Europe's Royal families to complement their valuable porcelain patterns from the Far East.

Fischer's innovation and high standards for execution quickly placed Herend on the map, and soon the manufactory's artists began designing dinnerware patterns of their own. Some of these dinner services would go on to be exhibited internationally, including at both the Vienna Exhibition of 1845 and London's Great exhibition of 1851. 

Queen Victoria’s 1851 purchase of a large set for Windsor Castle was a milestone, and Herend was quickly required to produce unique designs for aristocrats throughout Europe.

Their best-known patterns are named after some of their most prestigious clients: Queen Victoria, Esterhazy, Batthyani, Rothschild and Apponyi.

Herend’s history of excellence continues today, and their exquisite hand-painted pieces have become heirlooms for generations to come.

16 Products

  • Apponyi Dinner Plate
  • Apponyi Bread Plate
  • Apponyi Dessert Plate
  • Livia Dinner Plate
    livia herend plate bonadea
  • Apponyi Small Teapot
  • Apponyi Teacup & Saucer
  • Apponyi Sugar Bowl
  • Apponyi Cream Jug
    apponyi cream jug bonadea
  • Fortuna Dessert Plate Blue
    Fortuna Dessert Plate Blue Herend Bonadea
  • Fortuna Dinner Plate Blue
    Fortuna Dinner Plate Blue Herend Bonadea
  • Asparagus box with lid
    herend asaparagus box with lid
  • Fortuna Dinner Plate Rust
    Herend Fortuna Dinner Plate Rust Bonadea
  • Apponyi Bouillon Cup & Saucer
    Apponyi Bowl with Lid Green
  • Apponyi Soup Plate
    Apponyi Soup Plate Seafoam
  • Apponyi Small Fruit Bowl
  • Apponyi Teapot