The Tabletop Edit

Fir Branches

Christmas is a time for coming together and creating memories, taking time to reflect on the world and our wishes for the year ahead. 

Symbolising hope for the future, Fir Branches were first used as decoration by the Romans and have continued to represent ever lasting life. Add character to the season festivities and adorn your table with pieces from this inspiring edit. 

  • Schubert Charger Plate Forest Green Matte
  • Pine Branches Dessert Plate
  • Pine Branches Dinner Plate
  • Schubert Champagne Cup Forest Green
  • Grape Leaves Salad Bowl
  • Grape Leaves Oval Platter - Small
  • Porcelain Bread Roll Box
  • Grape Leaves Bouillon Cup & Saucer
  • Pine Branches Dessert Plate
  • Grape Leaves Fruit Bowl
  • Grape Leaves Dessert Plate
  • Belvedere Forest Green Espresso Cup & Saucer
  • Pine Branches Soup Plate
  • Grape Leaves Oval Platter - Large