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Founded in 1867 by Adrien Celeste Pillon, a priest in the small village of Ercuis, Pillon sought to establish a company that specialised in artistic silverware, relief enamel, gilding and silver plating. 

To this day, the manufacture of each Ercuis flatware and holloware piece requires numerous manual steps carried out by their expert silversmiths, whose savoir-faire has been passed down through the generations since the 19th Century.

A vibrant and dynamic brand, Ercuis continues to be a world leading silversmith, famous for its exclusive products and modern designs.

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  • Pineapple Place Card Holders - Set of 6
  • Latitude Petit Fours Stand - 6 Small Dishes
  • Ajouree Bread Basket
  • Tuileries Decanter
  • Recontre Salt & Pepper Mills
  • Latitude Two-Tier Plate Stand
  • Latitude Three-Tiered Plate Stand
  • Caviar Cup Galet
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  • Latitude Ice Tongs
  • Latitude Petit Fours Stand - 12 Small Dishes