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With its heritage rooted firmly in the 17th century court of Louis XlV, Cire Trudon has the honour of being the oldest luxury candle-maker in the world.

Finding royal favour through use of superior quality wax, present day Cire Trudon has maintained its extremely high standards to become France’s foremost créateur of luxury perfumed candles. To this day, each candle is crafted by hand in Normandy.

Infused with sophisticated fragrances resulting from collaborations with well-known perfumers, the scents are selected to convey the essence of history’s greatest characters and events, resulting in highly distinctive creations.

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  • Abd El Kader Room Spray
    Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Room Spray -BONADEA
  • Ernesto Room Spray
    Cire Trudon Ernesto Room Spray -BONADEA
  • La Promeneuse Cameo Burner
    Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Cameo Burner -BONADEA
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