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Since its founding in 1830, Christofle has been recognised as one of the finest silverware houses in Europe. Based in Paris, the brand represents a modern take on classic artisan technique, pairing almost two centuries of silversmith experience with eye-catching contemporary tabletop and luxury cutlery design.

Silverware manufacturing is entirely done by hand: Christofle has been awarded two of the prestigious "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" awards for planishing and chasing. This dedication to traditional and craft is balanced with a commitment to striking aesthetics, and the house works with names such as Andrée Putman, Jean-Marie Massaud, and the provocative and forward-thinking Ora Ïto.

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  • MOOD 6-Piece Silver Plated Espresso Spoons Set
  • MOOD 24-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
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  • MOOD 24-Piece Rose Gold Cutlery Set
  • Vertigo Round Tray
  • Aria 36-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
  • Vertigo Set of Four Knife Rests
  • Vertigo Individual Butter Dish
  • Malmaison Footed Bowl
  • Malmaison 36-Piece Silver Plate Cutlery Set
  • Vertigo Small Caviar Serving Set
  • Vertigo Caviar Serving Set Large
  • Albi 4-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
  • Jardin d'Eden Whisky Decanter
  • Madison 6 Soup Bowl
  • Jardin d'Eden Silver Plated Chopsticks
  • Vertigo Parmesan-Jam Dish
  • Malmaison Silver Plated Butter Dish
  • Malmaison 4-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
  • Aria 4-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
  • MOOD 6-Piece Rose Gold Espresso Spoons Set
  • Jardin d'Eden Silver Plated Two Tier Stand
  • Jardin d'Eden 4-Piece Silver Plated Cutlery Set
  • Jardin d'Eden 48-Piece Silver Plated Canteen
  • Malmaison Silver Plated Sugar Tongs
  • Vertigo Butter Dish
  • Babylone Silver Plated Goblet