Collection: Christmas Dining

  • Coba Medium Bowl
    L'Objet Coba Medium Serving Bowl -BONADEA
  • Anthozoa Blue Centerpiece
    Fos Ceramiche Anthozoa Seaweed Centerpiece Blue -BONADEA
  • Porifera Forest Green Vase
    FOS Ceramiche - Porifera Forest Green Vase
  • Porifera White and Gold Vase
    Inspired by the shapes and textures of Zoanthid corals, this vase is a beautiful expression of meticulous craftsmanship. A minute raised pattern and 24 karat gold accents create a unique surface, making each Porifera vase a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Fossilia Tall Gold Vase
    Fossilia Tall Gold Vase Fos Ceramiche bonadea
  • Fossilia Gold Centerpiece
    Fos Ceramiche Fossilia 24k Gold and Porcelain Centrepiece
  • Teo Black Oval Bowl
    L'Objet Teo Black & Gold Oval Bowl -BONADEA
  • Aquaria White & Gold Coral Vase
    £200.00 £150.00