Collection: Agate

By Marie Daâge

The incredible depth and detail in the painted textures of the Agate collection contrast effortlessly with a clean, polished porcelain finish.

The Agate dinnerware collection from Marie Daâge encapsulates French elegance with beautifully hand-painted, contemporary patterns and a 24-karat gold rim. Styled with marine blue brushstrokes that resemble an agate mineral or the inside of a beautiful shell, this salad plate is unique and whimsical whilst retaining a timeless sophistication.

5 Products

  • Agate Dessert Plate Aegean
    Marie Daâge Hand-painted Agate Blue Dessert Plate - BONADEA
  • Ronde De Maille Dinner Plate
    Marie Daâge Ronde De Maille Dinner Plate - BONADEA
  • Iris Dessert Plate
    Marie Daage - Iris Hand-painted Dessert Plate - BONADEA
  • Agate Arabic Coffee Cup
    Marie Daâge Hand-painted Agate Black Arabic Coffee Cup - BONADEA
  • Agate Blush and Gold Dinner Plate
    Agate Blush and Gold Dinner Plate